Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Okay...I turned off my machines...

for the long weekend anyway. Caroline is performing at Rockin Roller Coaster Theatre and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Stage. It is the UCA National CHeerleading CHampionship held at Disney. I just LOVE Disney...I mean, what's NOT to love? I must go and supervise, I mean..really, I have to. I'm leaving hubby and two boys and poor hubby has baseball game of Toombs, Derby Race for Toombs and Harrison and then he has to leave and go draft for Harry's baseball team. All in one night. I'll make phone calls and see how it all goes:)Toodles


hqm said...

Safe travels and best of luck to your daughter!

melissa c said...

Beautiful weather here in FL these past few days (I am about 1/2 hour north of Disney)
Have a great time!