Friday, November 16, 2007

First Game of Playoffs Tonight!

We were undefeated in our region so we are starting the "next season" tonight...Playoffs baby!

******UPDATE***** We lost in the last seconds of the game. And, the only other game lost in the regular season, happened in the last 4 seconds of the game. On to basketball.


Maddy said...

Not a great sports fan myself, but I'm working on my attitude.

Mom on the Run said...

We lost, too. We were rolling right along, then lost the last two games of the it all went in the crapper at the end!

I guess there's always next year!

shoeaddict said...

So, upon reading a little bit of your blog, I see you're UGA fan. My husband is from Georgia and is a huge UGA fan, too. We live in LA (where I'm from) and I'm an LSU fan (a UGA fan, too, second). Mark Richt is so cute ;)

It'll be a civil war in our house if UGA gets to go to Atlanta for the SEC championship game.