Friday, February 16, 2007

Tell me what you think

I'm seriously thinking about custom designing purses. There are a lot of bags "out there" but I hope my preppy fabrics and great monograms will set me apart. I have a website in the making and I am working on the business aspect. Here are some sample fabrics and combinations. Hard to tell finished product but you can scroll down and see two other bags. Let me know your favorite. I love the orange and green with brown linen liner...very summer! Any fabric designers out there? Thanks for the support and spreading the word!


sle said...

We all hope that you decide to offer the bags as well as the the pink and green. Keep us posted as to your decision and have a great vacation!

hqm said...

You should start your own custom bag business! I did 3 years has been a blast!
I needed encouragement to start...the support my friends and family gave me was unbelievable and the response to my bags was overwhelming! I say jump in with both feet!

Anonymous said...

I love the green with orange monogram. Let us all know what you decide to do. I say go for it! M.