Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mary Jane Farms Organics

I love these towels from Mary Jane Organics. I purchased these at Belk's/ These are for a friend's daughter who's graduating. I tried to use earthy colors to match the on the pic to enlarge.


Kerry said...

Love these (of course)! I decided to go with monogrammed beach towels for our teacher and coach's gifts this year. I had a scarf and glove set monogrammed for Christmas and thought the beach towels are perfect for the end of the year. I found nice big thick towels at T.J. Maxx for just $12.99!

Jean said...

My experience wasn't good! I bought two towels at Belk's and within two WEEKS one started ravelling. Within two more, the other. I returned them to Belk's and since I didn't have my receipt ( I NEVER had such an experience with towels) I received $4. each!