Monday, January 26, 2009

My Employer

I work a couple days at week at The Pine Needle. Around eight hours a week I work unloading merchandise, fluffing the store and taking care of customers. We have many brides...and, if you are an upcoming bride, you may register on-line.

This was the employees at our Christmas Party the owners hosted at their home. I embroidered the shirts for the Christmas Season.


suburban prep said...

I clicked on your link. What a great shop. Lucky you.

hqm said...

What a pretty place to work and how can you beat those hours!

Bella said...

That looks like a wonderful shop!!! I would love a couple of days a week working there, it sounds perfect.

Yamila said...

nice picture!
i like the colours.


Beth Dunn said...

That picture is so cute. You all look so happy! Love your site. I'm all about preppy. xoxox